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Our Values:

NIS incorporates values into every aspect of performing our mission and planning for the future.  These values are:

· Demonstrating the utmost commitment to achieving our mission.

· Maintaining the integrity of our business practices by pursuing a deliberate, accountable approach.

· Prioritizing responsiveness to our stakeholders’ needs.

· Maintaining transparency with our stakeholders through communication and information sharing.

· Maximizing results through collaboration.

· Encouraging innovation to improve how we do business and tackle new challenges.

· Prioritizing investment in the workforce.

· Promoting the empowerment of our teammates to take action to achieve our goals quality.

Our business:

NIS serves the global market with world-leading products, services and solutions from military defence in all domains to civil security. NIS market offering is broad and consists of complex systems involving extensive research and development as well as services with a high degree of repetition. With operations on every continent, NIS continuously develops, adapts and improves new technology to meet customers’ changing needs.


We have been building home since 2009, we know how much things cost, and we also know the questions to ask home owners to accurately set the budget, to allow the home owners to get the final product they expect. No surprises for the home owners like what you generally hear in market. Surprises left to birthday parties now when it comes to building homes no surprises here, just straight forward and realistic budget.


To develop as one of the biggest provider of all sorts of stores (particularly Resistance Gear) to Govt, Semi Govt and Civilian set ups to meet their conceived needs and to supply fortified stockroom offices to multinational providers of protection gear. We envision a world in which our clients’ people and assets are safe and secure. To achieve this vision, we will be the leading provider of military services and business solutions in the world, establishing ourselves as the trusted defense partner of corporations, private clients and governments worldwide, and providing trustworthy military equipment’s and solutions.